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The extension professional, who is the linchpin in the whole extension process, needs to be effective enough to make a successful extension programme, a success. The role of extension agent has been undergoing a lot of changes in line with the rapidly changing farm scenario. They are expected to demonstrate exemplary professionalism and possess the required technical and non-technical skills.

Suvedi & Ghimire (2015) had identified the core competencies for extension

professionals in developing countries:

Programme planning and Implementation: Extension professionals have to plan programmes within their organizations, while facilitating their clients to do the same.

Communication Skills : The extension professionals need to have an understanding of the process of diffusion of innovation and need to communicate effectively with their clients and stakeholders.

Leadership: A large number of stakeholders are involved in and/or associated with agricultural services. Extension professionals have the challenge to lead, coordinate and facilitate these diverse stakeholders. They should uphold stakeholders participation and ownership in the programs.

Education & Information Technology : They need to be competent in the effective use of emerging ICTs and other communication tools and methods.

Diversity, Pluralism, & Multiculturalism : Extension professionals need to be familiar with the diversities of the communities they serve.

Professionalism : Extension professionals should practice integrity, honesty, transparency and inclusiveness to demonstrate their competency.

Extension & Organizational Management: Extension professionals should be able to mobilize and monitor their resources, and lead change to obtain extension outcomes effectively.

Programme Evaluation & Research: Programme evaluation is one of the important core competencies required for extension professionals. Extension professionals should have information about what, where, how and when extension programmes are delivered and how successful these programs are.

Technical Expertise: Together with the process skills, extension professionals should have basic knowledge of the subject matter of their discipline.

And we should also keep in mind that these competencies are subject to change as new situations unfold.

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