Journal of Extension Education 2023-09-06T02:44:37+00:00 Dr. D Puthira Prathap Open Journal Systems <p><strong>The <em>Journal of Extension Education (JEE)</em> is a peer-reviewed open-access journal in the field of extension education published by the Extension Education Society (EES).</strong></p>The journal is published in both <em>print</em> and <em>online</em><em> </em>versions. [<strong>Print ISSN: 0971-3123; Online ISSN: 2456-1282</strong>]. The CODEN assigned to JEE is <strong><em>JEEOBM</em> .</strong><br /><p><strong><br /></strong></p> From the Editor's Desk 2023-09-03T06:42:16+00:00 PRATHAP D PUTHIRA <p><strong><em>This editorial of JEE 34(2) deals with the challenges faced by innovative farmers</em></strong></p> 2023-09-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Role of Institutional and Policy Factors in Influencing Adaptations to Climate Change 2023-01-13T11:13:39+00:00 Vanitha Kommu <p><em>The purpose of the study was to understand the role of institutional and policy factors in </em><em>influencing the climate change adaptations by the farmers. The study was conducted in a climate </em><em>vulnerable district of Andhra Pradesh, India by covering 90 farmer households through structured </em><em>interviews and Focus Group Discussions. The selected villages had the climate change related </em><em>projects implemented in the past. The findings revealed that while the farmers were aware of </em><em>climate change and adaptations, the adaptation decisions were largely influenced by the policy </em><em>factors like minimum support price, subsidies, loans, credit, market, extension, quality inputs, </em><em>weather advisory etc. There is a need for an enabling policy environment for the farmers to follow </em><em>the </em><em>adaptations and benefit from the same.</em></p> 2023-09-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Impact Assessment of Farm Diversification Schemes in Haryana, India 2023-08-08T10:43:25+00:00 Elizabeth Jose K.Ponnusamy <p><em>Green revolution was capable of mitigating hunger and malnutrition but it had </em><em>reportedly made a negative impact in terms of soil and water degradation. Diversification was </em><em>also seen as one of the solutions to problems brought out by green revolution. As part of farm </em><em>diversification, the Haryana government has initiated programmes like Mera Pani Meri Virasat </em><em>(MPMV), Crop Cluster Development Programme (CCDP), Bhavantar Bharpayee Yojana (BBY) etc. This study </em><em>highlights the impact of MPMV Scheme in a detailed way. It was undertaken in three agro ecological </em><em>zones of the Indian state of Haryana. One district from each agro- ecological zone was chosen. From </em><em>each district, 60 farmers were contacted. The study reveals that there is only limited acceptance </em><em>of new diversification schemes among farmers as it is reflected in their area of adoption. Adequate </em><em>amount of incentives and timely provision of the compensation amount are likely to further improve </em><em>the utilization of these programmes among farmers.</em></p> 2023-09-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Attitude of Undergraduate Students in Rural Colleges of Kashmir Valley towards Experiential Learning 2023-05-25T06:27:07+00:00 Mehraj ud Din Sheikh Debendra Nath Dash Sajad Ahmad Mir <p><em>Experiential learning, which is the process of learning through direct experience and </em><em>reflection, is a core component of contemporary education system. The present study attempted to </em><em>explore the attitude of undergraduate students in rural degree colleges of Kashmir valley in the </em><em>state of Jammu &amp; Kashmir, towards experiential learning. Altogether, 150 undergraduate students </em><em>pursuing bachelor’s programme in various rural government degree colleges, were identified for the </em><em>study through randomization. The 25 item- questionnaire was administered to measure the attitude </em><em>towards experiential learning. Various statistical techniques and graphical representations such as </em><em>mean, standard deviation, percentage, 2x2 factorial design were employed. The study established </em><em>that attitude towards experiential learning differs significantly with respect to gender </em><em>and academic stream among the undergraduate students.</em></p> 2023-09-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Constraints Encountered by Beneficiary Farmers and Extension Personnel of Agro Service Centres in Kerala and Suggestions for Improvement 2022-12-09T04:31:44+00:00 Safna Vatakke Kandy Meethal Yoosuf B Seema <p><em>The present study was conducted among the beneficiary farmers and extension personnel of Agro </em><br /><em>Service Centres (ASCs) in Kerala, India during the year 2018-19. The sample of the study comprised </em><br /><em>120 farmers from purposively selected 26 Agro Service Centres and 60 Extension agents. Based on the </em><em>detailed analysis and interpretation of different constraints faced by farmers and extension </em><br /><em>personnel, it was found that lack of subsidy for farm inputs was the major constraint faced by the </em><br /><em>beneficiary farmers and the discontinuance of service providers of Agro Service Centres for better </em><br /><em>jobs was the major constraint faced by the extension personnel working in Agro Service Centres. </em><br /><em>Better coordination among different extension agencies, periodic monitoring and evaluation of the </em><br /><em>activities of ASCs by government officials, and improvement in the basic infrastructural facilities </em><em>are considered some of the ways to improve the functioning of existing Agro Service </em><em>Centres in the state of Kerala.</em></p> 2023-09-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 An In-Depth Study of Farmers’ Knowledge and Attitudes towards Organic Farming in Uttar Pradesh, India 2023-07-30T04:31:27+00:00 Pushpa Kumari <p><em>Organic farming has the ability to reduce the adverse consequences of modern farming methods and to </em><em>support rural development. This study attempts to investigate the farmers’ knowledge and attitude </em><em>towards organic agriculture where limited prior research had been conducted, in Mirzapur District </em><em>of Uttar Pradesh, India. Out of 12 blocks in the district, two blocks namely Pahari and Manjhwa, </em><em>were chosen purposively for the study. From each block two villages and from each village, 30 </em><em>farmers were selected. A total of 120 respondents formed the sample. The results revealed that a </em><em>majority of farmers were well aware of organic farming and have a favorable attitude toward </em><em>organic farming. There exists an association between age, education &amp; annual income and the </em><em>factors influencing the attitude of farmers toward organic farming.</em></p> 2023-09-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Perception of Farmers towards Mobile Based Extension Agro Advisory Services in Nagaland, India 2023-08-02T04:08:20+00:00 Sesenlo Kath Ruokuovilie Mezhatsu <p><em>The agricultural extension services in the North East region of India are not only hindered by </em><em>limited resources and scarcity of trained staff at state &amp; regional level but also by the </em><em>remoteness of the villages. Many villages remain inaccessible particularly during monsoon, due to </em><em>poor road connectivity. The major technology dissemination approach adopted so far had been the </em><em>traditional direct interaction and field level practical demonstration at the community level. The </em><em>facility of toll-free modern smart phone based information and communication technology (ICT) </em><em>service has been started and is gaining momentum. An attempt has been made to collect the data from </em><em>200 farmers of Tseminyu district of Nagaland State based on proportionate random sampling (PPS) </em><em>technique to know the impact of mobile based extension agro advisory services in the region. </em><br /><em>Majority of the farmer respondents had perceived ‘yield increase’ , and ‘information of new </em><em>agricultural </em><em>technology’ as the major benefits of using the mobile -based agro- advisory services.</em></p> 2023-09-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022