Farmers’ Perception on Innovations in Technology Dissemination (ITD) Methods

Namitha Regunath, N Kishore kumar


Innovations in Technology Dissemination (ITD) is a part of Agricultural extension system, concerned with transmitting information and knowledge of important agricultural technology from research to farmer. The present study was conducted in Kannur district of Kerala to identify the perception of farmers on ITD methods implemented by different agricultural institutions in Kannur district with special reference to Kannur Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK). Thirty farmers each from four selected grama panchayats (Ezhome, Kankol- Alapadamba, Kadannapalli- Panapuzha and Mayyil) of Kannur were identified using simple random sampling and a total of one hundred and twenty respondents were included in the study. A well-structured interview schedule was used for collecting the data from the respondents. The data were tabulated and inferences were drawn after appropriate statistical analysis. Majority of the farmers had medium level of perception on ITD methods followed by low level.


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