Understanding Learning Style Variations among Undergraduate Students

N. Jayakumar, Anu Suresh, M. Sundaramari, D. Puthira Prathap


A study was conducted in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu state to understand the learning styles of students. The term learning style refers to the way or method or approach by which a student learns. The study explored the possible learning style variations among agricultural, horticultural, engineering and arts & science students and their association with academic achievement. One hundred and twelve students were randomly selected from the four streams and their learning styles were analyzed. In the agricultural and horticultural streams, a majority of the students were auditory learners. They were also found to be predominantly unimodal learners. Overall, it was found that majority of the students were visual learners followed by auditory and kinesthetic style. The highest percentage of kinesthetic learners was found among engineering students. Trimodal learners scored the highest mean percentage of marks. The influence of learning styles on the academic achievements of the students did not show a significant relationship.


Learning styles;Visual learners; Auditory learners; Kinesthetic learners; Undergraduate students; Academic achievement; India

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26725/JEE.2016.4.28.5727-5734


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