Perception of Farmers on Usefulness of Mobile Service in Manipur

Santha Govind, Kavaskar Mani, Ajoickam Christina


The revolution in mobile communication is providing a lifeline to agricultural communities around the developing world. Mobile phones significantly reduce communication and information costs. Mobile phones also provide new opportunities for farmers to obtain access to agricultural information, such as market prices, weather report, and agricultural techniques in various formats. Hence, keeping this in mind, a study was taken up to assess the perception of respondents on the usefulness of technologies transferred through mobile service functioning in Bishnupur District of Manipur. A sample of 120 registered farmers belonging to Intelligent Advisory Service for Farmers (IASF) mobile service was selected by using proportionate random sampling technique. Data were collected with the help of a well structured and pre tested interview schedule. The data collected were scored, tabulated and analyzed using appropriate statistical tools. The findings on respondents’ perception on usefulness of mobile service showed that most of the respondents expressed that they were satisfied with the language used by the IASF mobile service in transferring the information.


Mobile service; SMS; Perception; Paddy farmer; Manipur

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