An Analytical Study on Turmeric Cultivation

Shanthya Manoharan, R Premavathi


A study was undertaken to study the characteristics of turmeric farmers and to assess the relationship between characteristics of turmeric farmers and adoption level, in Kodumudi block of Erode district in Tamil Nadu. A sample of 111 respondents was selected from five villages by using proportionate random sampling method. Fifteen independent variables and one dependent variable were selected to analyze the relationship of characteristics of turmeric farmers with adoption level. The data were collected with the help of a well-structured and pre-tested interview schedule. The collected data were analyzed with suitable statistical tools. The results of the study revealed that nearly one-fourth of the respondents was having secondary school education. More than half of the respondents had farming alone as their occupation. Little more than two-fifths of the respondents were small farmers. The variables, occupation and credit orientation had positive and significant relationship with adoption at five per cent level of significance.


Adoption; practices; regression; turmeric; Tamil Nadu

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District Directorate of Statistics (2017), Erode District

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