Comparative Analysis of Scale of Social capital formed in Kollam and Palakkad districts of Kerala as an Impact of a Pilot Extension Project (LEADS)

Preethu K Paul, Dhanusha Balakrishnan, G.S Sreedaya


Lead Farmer Centered Extension Advisory and Delivery Services (LEADS) is a pilot extension project revolving around lead farmer – satellite farmer concept on an Agro Ecological Zone basis within in a district. Presently LEADS Project is being implemented in four districts of Kerala, namely Kollam, Palakkad, Kannur and Wayanad. The present study was conducted in the Kollam and Palakkad districts of Kerala. The study aimed to compare Social capital formed in Kollam and Palakkad districts as an impact of LEADS project. From the study conducted, it was clear that the social capital formed was found to be more in Kollam than in Palakkad district.


LEADS; Lead Farmer; Satellite farmer; Social capital; Kerala

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