Constraints Faced by the Rural Youth in Farm Activities

Shanjeevika Venkatesan, K Indumathy, P.P Murugan


Rural areas are the economic backbone of the country and contribute to the economic growth for development of other sectors. Major portion of the rural population depends on agriculture for their income. In recent years the participation of rural youth in agriculture is declining. This is due to the constraints faced by them and migration to urban areas. A study was conducted in nine villages of Vaniyambadi taluk in Tamil Nadu to assess the constraints faced by rural youth in farm activities. The primary constraint faced by rural youth was lack of technical skills from resource persons, fear of external constraints like pests & disease followed by difficulty in accessing financial resources, low income generation and lack of proper marketing facilities. Suggestions to overcome the constraints and methods to attract rural youth towards agriculture are also provided.


Rural youth; Constraints; Farm activities;Tamil Nadu.

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