Adoption Behavior of Paddy Farmers on Soil Health Card Recommendations

D Vignesh Kumar, A Janaki Rani


The study was conducted in Madurai district of Tamil Nadu to assess the adoption behavior of paddy farmers on Soil Health Card (SHC) based recommendations. A total of 120 paddy farmers who were the beneficiaries of SHC scheme were contacted to collect the data. A pre tested interview schedule was used to collect the data. The results revealed that overall adoption on SHC recommendations found to be medium (45.50%). With regard to straight fertilizers application before the introduction of SHC 40.80 percent of the respondents had applied excess NPK fertilizers. After the introduction, the excess range has been reduced up to 5.8 per cent and in the same way the deficient application was also rectified by 4.7 per cent of the farmers. With regard to complex fertilizers 12.8 per cent of the respondents had followed the exact recommendation of complex fertilizers. The adoption behavior of micronutrients showed that 29.50 per cent of respondents followed recommended dose of micronutrients after SHC scheme. About 6.00 per cent respondents had started to follow the correct dose of Bio fertilizers after the introduction of SHC. Overall adoption level of the farmers was up to medium level and hence emphasis is needed to inspire the farmers to adopt soil testing practices and soil fertility management.


Paddy farmers; Adoption; Soil Health Card scheme; Tamil Nadu.

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Chowdary, K. R & Theodore, R. K. (2016). Soil Health Card Adoption Behaviour among Beneficiaries of Bhoochetana Project in Andhra Pradesh. Journal of Extension Education, 28 (1)



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