Training Needs of Farmers and Agricultural Extensionists on Selected Information Technology Enabled Systems for Agriculture


  • Boniface P J Kerala Agricultural University
  • Jose A M Kerala Agricultural University
  • A. Sakeer Husain Centre for e-Learning, Kerala Agricultural University



IT in agriculture, training needs, farmer, Agricultural Extension Worker, ICT, Kerala


The study analyses the training needs of farmers and agricultural extensionists of Kerala,India on selected Information Technology Enabled Systems (ITES) such as web browsing, agricultural portals, agricultural expert systems, digitized databases and on line trading in agriculture. Computer literate farmers and agricultural extensionists from the districts of Thrissur, Idukki and Malappuram of Kerala consisting of 300 farmers and 120 agricultural extensionists were the respondents of the study. Training on agricultural portals was identified as the highest training need among both farmers and agricultural extensionists. The study points to the need of imparting IT oriented training to both farmers and agricultural extensionists which would enable them to get right information at the right time for the overall development of agriculture.

Author Biographies

Boniface P J, Kerala Agricultural University

Associate Professor, Kerala Agricultural University

Jose A M, Kerala Agricultural University

Professor, College of Co-operation Banking and Management

A. Sakeer Husain, Centre for e-Learning, Kerala Agricultural University

Professor and Director, Centre for e-Learning, Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur, Kerala


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P J, B., A M, J., & Husain, A. S. (2019). Training Needs of Farmers and Agricultural Extensionists on Selected Information Technology Enabled Systems for Agriculture. Journal of Extension Education, 31(1).