Analysis of FARO 44 Rice Technologies Adoption among Farmers in Nigeria

Ibrahim Mohammed


The study examines the adoption of FARO 44 rice among Fadama project particpants.A multistage sampling technique was used to select 336 Fadama project farmers from three agricultural zones. Data collected were analysed using adoption scale and factor analysis as well as frequency and percentages. Majority of males were within the active age of 19-36years; married with farming experience of 16-20 years having 0.5-1ha of rice plot. Technologies such as improved seed recommended spacing; seed per hole; use of granular fertilizer were adopted by male respondents. Processing technologies adopted by male were only threshing and bagging. For storage technologies male respondents had adopted jute bags; rhumbus and silos while female respondents used only jute bags because it is cheaper and easy to handle. Factors constraining adoption were communication gap between farmers and facilitators; untimely delivery of inputs; transplanting too tedious and high cost of false bottom. It was concluded that majority of the technologies were at evaluation and trial stage for both male and female respondents.


Fadama Project; Rhumbus ; FARO; Rice; Factor analysis; Adoption; Nigeria

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