Performance Effectiveness of Agro Service Centres in Kerala

Safna Vatakke Kandy Meethal, B Seema


Agriculture is the back bone of Indian economy. Time bound high-quality agro services are essential for the growth of agriculture in our country. The present study was conducted among the beneficiary farmers Agro Service Centres in Kerala, during the year 2018-19. The sample of the study comprised 120 farmers from purposively selected 26 Agro Service Centres. Performance effectiveness of Agro Service Centres was measured in terms of Performance Effectiveness Index (PEI). Based on the analysis of data, it was found that 40 per cent of the farmers placed the ASCs into high category of Performance Effectiveness Index. Most of the farmers had placed the ASCs into high- performance effectiveness category in the dissemination of information and technology.


Agro Service Centre, Performance effectiveness, Services delivery, Farmer’s income, Kerala

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GOK[Government of Kerala]. (2016). Report of evaluation study on agro service centres in Kerala. Directorate of agriculture development & farmers’ welfare, Thiruvananthapuram. pp112.

Sidhu R S, & Vatta, K. (2012). Improving economic viability of farming: A study of cooperative agro machinery service centres in Punjab. Agricultural Economics Research Review. 25(1): 427-434.



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