Role of Advertisements on the Promotion of Use of Bio-fertilizers in Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu, India

Sathiyabamavathy Kaliyan, Sekhar Chinnaiah


In recent days, Bio-Fertilizers are gaining importance as organic input in sustainable agriculture and its applications. Since the excessive application of chemical fertilizers at field affects the physical properties of soil such as infiltration, soil aeration, soil structure and bulk density, its applications are slowly replaced or it is reduced to certain extent and the farmers had the habit of applications of Bio-Fertilizers. To gain its applications, promotional measures become imperative. In order to promote Bio-Fertilizers among the farmers, the leading producers have been using many sales promotional activities.One such promotional activity is "Advertising". This paper investigates the role of advertisements in creating awareness about the use of Bio-Fertilizers.


Advertisement, Bio-Fertilizers; Awareness Creation; Tamil Nadu

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