Awareness about Muga Culture among the College Students in Jorhat District of Assam, India


  • Kumud Ghosh Department of Education, Nakachari College, Nakachari – 785635, Jorhat – Assam, India.
  • M Saikia Department of Sericulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Assam Agricultural University – 785013, Jorhat, Assam, India.



Muga culture; Awareness; College students; Arts stream; Commerce stream; Science stream.


A study was undertaken to compare the awareness about muga culture among the college students in Jorhat district of Assam. Significant differences were found between the male and female students, and between rural and urban students. On the other hand, significant differences were found in the case of awareness on muga culture between Arts and Science stream students, and Arts & Commerce stream students.


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