Impact Assessment of Mechanical Transplantation in Cauvery Delta Districts of Tamil Nadu

Ravi Kumar Theodore, N Venkatesa Palanichamy, V Ravi


During June 2015, the Government of Tamil Nadu implemented the “Kuruvai Season Special Assistance 2015 for Delta districts” programme to boost rice production. A study was conducted to assess the impact of machine transplanting, which was an important component of this special package. The comparative economics of conventional and machine planting revealed that yield increased by nearly 40.00 per cent; cost of cultivation decreased by 21.00 per cent; cost of production reduced by 43.00 per cent; and net returns increased by more than four times (448.00 %), over the manually planted fields. Farmers’ feedback on machine planting was very optimistic with all the beneficiaries expressing that they had opted for machine planting to overcome labour scarcity and to increase yields.


Impact assessment; Machine transplanting; Rice; Cauvery delta zone; Tamil Nadu

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