Strategies to Mitigate the Adverse Effects of Climate Change - Perspectives of the Farmers of North-East India

Sesenlo Kath, K Kanagasabapathi


Climate change is one of the biggest environmental threats facing the world, potentially impacting food production and security. There is increasing evidence that climate change will strongly affect the North eastern region of India, especially the state of Nagaland and will be one of the challenging issues for future development. An attempt has been made to collect data from three hundred farmer respondents for providing suggestions to overcome the ill effects of climate change. The farmers suggested measures such as ‘provision of adequate funds to the grassroots level workers and functionaries’, ‘creating intensive awareness among farmers about climate change and adaptation’ and ‘developing low cost adaptation technology’.


Climate change; Vulnerability; mitigate; intensive awareness; climate change; adaptation; Nagaland

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Vinaykumar, C.T. & Umesh K.B. (2015). Perception and Adaptation of the Farmers to Climate Change. Karnataka Journal of Agricultural Science, (Special Issue) 28(5): 822-824



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