Capacity Development of Agricultural Stakeholders in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu – An Analytical Study

Naveen Kumar Radhakrishnan, P Suganthkumar, H Philip, M Asokhan, N Sriram


This study was taken up to understand the training gaps and training needs of the agricultural stakeholders such as public, private extension officials and farmers in Tamil Nadu. The data were collected using pre tested well-structured questionnaire from public and private extension officials and using semi-structured interview schedule in case of farmers. The results show that training gaps are relatively higher among public extension officials than private extension officials. Demonstrations, group discussions, field visits, video lessons and SMS are the preferred training methods by the stakeholders.


Capacity development; agricultural stakeholders; training gaps; training needs; Tamil Nadu

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Mani, S. (1996). A Study on Training needs of Agricultural Officers under Tamil Nadu Agricultural Development Project. Unpublished M.Sc. Thesis. TNAU, Coimbatore.



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