A Scale to Measure Attitude of Farmers towards Agricultural Schemes for Sustainable Livelihood

Eswaran Sathyapriya, M Asokhan


Agriculture schemes are formulated to induce the agricultural growth of the nation and also improve the sustainable livelihood of the farming community. The study aims to develop a scale to measure the attitude of farmers towards agricultural schemes for sustainable livelihood of agrarians. Thurstone and Chave’s (1929) equal appearing intervals scale method was adopted to develop the scale. The final scale comprised ten statements which are having universe of content, uniform distribution of scale values along the psychological continuum and high “scale values” and lower “Q” values and more or less equal number of favourable and unfavourable attitude items.


Agriculture schemes; sustainable livelihood; equal appearing intervals scale; scale values; “Q” values

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26725/JEE.2019.3.31.6361-6368


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